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New in town!

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Hello guys!

For some reason, the website won't let me post in the general discussion about introducing oneself :/ So I improvised!

My name is Marta, I'm from Spain. I don't speak German but english is totally OK. Let's meet up! I arrived 2 weeks ago. I am working at Nintendo in Niederrad. I love art, music and games. I am a very open minded person, so let's hang out!

I don't have a german phone yet, but please add me on FB if you want to. Remember to tell me you found me here so I can know where the friend request comes from :))

  • Risky Ayuda

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    I know basically nothing of German but am capable of almost intermediate Spanish and would love to know more or even talk with you about your job, etc.

  • Magdalena K

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    Hallo Marta, Hola!

    Welcome in Frankfurt! If you plan to stay in Frankfurt longer, it will be useful to learn german.
    I an recommend you a good language school in Frankfurt - Perfect Lingua

    Have a nice day!

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