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Health Insurance for Irish person working in Germany - VHI Global or German…

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Hi All - I have just moved to Dusseldorf and have started working under a German contract. I wish to maintain my Irish VHI health insurance in Ireland. However, this currently only covers me in Ireland. VHI recommend upgrading my health insurance to 'VHI Global' which covers Europe. My company is not familiar with this and suggests I get German Health Insurance (state or private). I plan to live here for at least a year but am not sure for how long in total.

2 questions please:
1. Has anyone moved from Ireland to Germany and now uses VHI Global to cover for health insurance while living in Germany? If yes, please let me know your experience
2. Can anyone recommend a good health insurance company in Dusseldorf region that is likely to be able to explain the options in English?

Many thanks in advance

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    what a pity I can not help you

    I am Peruvian and I live in Holland close to Dusseldorf.

    If you want you can write to this mail.. [...]



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