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Moving to Dammam

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I will be moving to Dammam in Feb, 2017 for work on a 3 year contract with a possibility of a transfer to Oman afterwards. Im a little uneasy making the move, I will be going alone and my wife and children will be staying here in the States. What do I need to worry to about if anything? How is the safety for a westerner? Im very open minded and do not drink or go out much if any. Just some concerns I have.

Thank you for any input that can be given.

  • alone alalone

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    You are welcome.

    No worries. I am sure that you gain a great exoerience here in Saudi Arabia.

    If you have any enquires, don't hesitate.

    Best wishes,

  • Se rendre au profil de fahad s

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    you are welcome
    if you need help contact me
    take care

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