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Apps for Wifi calling

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What is the best calling app on my iphone? Rebtel has quite good reputation, so I tried it but terrible. I didn’t know how many minutes I have for my call, so I e-mailed customer service. Never got replied for 2 weeks (couldn’t believe it!) Also the connections are kept dropping, and phone bill went up crazy. Does anyone know other decent apps that offeres good customer service?

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    Try Skype or Facetime!
    For the first one you need to set up an account but it doesn't take long and the other one is a standard app on your iPhone

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    does anybody know or

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    thanks for info. downloaded the app, joined 1+1 event. hope the app gonna work well!

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    yeah. global call is a decent app. many promotions, the cheapest rates!

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    weird. they usually respond within 3 days though. anyways, i use both rebtel and global call. global call doesnt charge you for a connection fee. also, calls shorter than certain time (forgot the exact number) dont charge you.

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