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i'm offering to be sponsor or partnier fro any Professional company or Business

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i'm offering to be sponsor or partnier in saudi fro any Professional company or Business


  • Mohib Chorghey

    Regarding statr IT Support Business in KSA.

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    I am IT professional from India (Mumbai) and interested to start Computer Sales and Services business in Saudi Arabia also IT Support to the Company, I would like to offer you as a Leading partner of that business and also as a Spenser of the Business.

    Waiting for your favorable rely.

    Mohib Ahmed.

  • annbert anne

    i have contacted you back on your email sir

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    i have replied you in your email

  • francis belonwu


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    i am internet guru, contact me at [...]

  • annbert anne

    to be offered

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    Am an IT student from Uganda having a small computer work shop at home and am good at computer hardware and software maintenance .so i would like to develop my project but i still luck some Little capital. any help brother

  • hiiiz

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    what type of bussiness you have
    can yu outline it please

  • Se rendre au profil de Hanoon Malik about the Maldives

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    The Maldives is a good place to invest..the tourism industry here is florishing very well...Resort Islands, Safari Boats, etc. The very best beaches in the world and underwater beauty...PLs reply

  • Se rendre au profil de onari d

    business QUATAR

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    i am from dejadinvestment intl. ltd. and into contracts,real estate etc.i am looking for a construction company who want to work abroad and for a mining company(solid minerals,gold etc.).furthermore also for an investor,partner to build estates abroad

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    where are from
    what kind of business you have

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