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Dentists in Rio de Janeiro?

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I heard that dentists abound and are cheaper than North America and Western Europe. However, the quality of their work is not always consistent. Therefore I wanted to ask the locals for some advice - do you have any experience with dentists in Rio de Janeiro? Is it hard to find some English speaking dentist?

Thanks for advice!

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  • Edna Queiroz

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    If you need a Dentist in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, please call Dra. Liliane Andrade - - Tel. 55-21-9343-5504
    With Travel Ace International


  • Patricia Xavier

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    Yes, Dentists in Brazil are the best. Here in Europe I never found greats dentist like in Brazil. I had a lot of bad experiencies I am sure that you will be very satisfied with our dentists. The price is also very good and some of then speak english. Good lucky!

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    It is not hard to find an English speaker dentist in Brazil. I went there for a plastic surgery and my mom went with me for a dental treatment. We found this site that will help you on your search:

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