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I would be more than happy to find new friends in Canada/Ontario or other places

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Hi all,

I've been living in Canada for more than 8 years and would be glad to meet new people specifically in Ontario close to GTA.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get to know each other or if you are a newcomer who needs help!

Thank you!

  • Jānis Pāvelsons

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    Hi, Henri! In next couple years I wanna go to Canada as well to work there as a dealer in casino what are my chances if I'm from Latvia?!

  • Se rendre au profil de Shiela S

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    I've been to Canada, at Penticton exactly. I've made some new friends there during my stay. The people there are so nice. I stayed a couple of days at Penticton Lakeside Resort. The view of the lake was wonderful. I made even more friends when I went to the casino.

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