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Hello everyone. I am interested in learning english.and I am hoping that I can find someone who is willing to teach me hearing and speaking english. In return, I can help you with your chinese.

  • Angel S

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    If you apply for a school by yourself you should be aware of three scams:1 the school may seem too eager to hire you,2 the school is ready to hire you without a proper visa,3the verbal agreement does not match the contract, like school wants to transfer you to another school without proper reason, cause or your permission. If you want to find a teaching job through an agency, you should note that it should only charge the school and not charge from teachers.

  • Chaoqun Wang

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    Sorry, I am Chinese, and I cannot teach you English very well. However, I think you can find foreigners in some social media or forum such as Quora, Reddit and English Club.
    Also, you can find the English Corner in the university to teach each other English.

  • Ariana Jiang

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    Hi, Phil! Currenly, there are some oral practising service sold on the visual goods platform such as Taobao,and those experimental classes are quite cheap. You can also find some foreign teachers or exchange students who like to live in China in the long term to help each others learn. You may help them with something related with the application of Z-Visa or finding a teaching jobs in China. If you are interested for finding these information, feel free to visit my profile.

  • Xinyue Wang

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    Dear Phil , I am sorry that I could not help you since I am also a local Chinese. but I think teaching English in china is quite a good idea for foreign English speakers.
    The chinese market of learning English becomes huger year by year, various types of schools include kindergarten schools, training centers and International schools all have strong need of English teachers. teaching English in china can help expat not only get adequate salaries but also touch the local chinese delicious food and view the sceneries.
    working visa is the basic requirement of getting a job of teaching in China,in order to get a working visa, also called Z visa,expats need to meet the following requirements:Bachelor's degree or above in related subjects. (Degree needs to be authenticated by PRC Embassy).
    Two years’ related working experience.
    Age under 60.
    Non-criminal record.


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    hi i can help you out with speaking english, actually im searching for job as English Teacher in China. im professional English teacher with Experience. If you can help me with searching job too as English teacher thanx

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