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Business Management Courses In Dubai

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SmartStart Business Entrepreneurship Program from SmartGlobal is designed to help entrepreneurs start and test their businesses in 16-weeks. The program is designed for participants who take the program while employed.SmartStart is designed on the ‘build-measure-learn’ methodology to assess and build a business idea with real customers.

Last Date To Apply:

Apr 19, 2019



Program Duration:

This will be a 16-week program with two sessions of 1.5 hrs each week on Saturdays. Participants will need to dedicate at least 7-8 hrs. outside the classroom every week to achieve program outcomes. course days

Program Period:

From May 18, 2019 to Sep 18, 2019

Program Days:


Session Timings:

10:00 am to 1:00 pm


Pullman Hotel, Deira City Center, Dubai

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