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Financier Needed.

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Asalam, Am in need of who can provide fund to execute my business proposals which are in phases.
1) African and Indian Restaurant Business in the U.A.E

2) Textile Business Across( Nigeria) West Africa, South Africa and U.A.E

3) Automobile and Spare Parts Business Between Nigeria and U.A.E

All these proposals has a very good pay back period and Return on investment.

Any interested individual may connect me on jephlat

Am presently living in Dubai with residence.

Thank you.

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    Just saw your Advert! It has been up for a while! Not exactly in a position to respond to what you are seeking but if you are still in the UAE, would like to find out a few things? Believe I met your sister in court in Abeokuta 2 weeks ago! Such a coincidence. We share the same name!

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