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Hi all! =)

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Hi there! I've just come across this website which i think is going to be a massive help in my plan to move to spain from england next june! Looking to do something photography related and widen the portfolio! How does everyone go about the move? do you search for the job before you go or hope to find one out there.? and what about housing?! so much to think about! Hopefully this site is going to help alot!

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    Hi - I moved to Marbella at the beginning of 2010 at the time with 3 children aged 5 and under. I travelled out allowing 1 week to find somewhere to live and gave myself 3 months to settle into things before moving my family over.
    I did have a job before I came over but decided to set up my own business last year - yes Spain is different and can be difficult at times but it's a fantastic place to live - we live just to the east of Marbella and love it!

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    Take a look at this blog of a friend of mine who lives in South Spain (in fact my neighbour) I know she would give you any help and advice about staying in Spain as she has been there for many years. She also has a small flat which she rents out
    Also my son was educated in Spain but has recently moved to London - He has many young friends there and could probably introduce you ..... (He's 23)

  • Bryony Ashcroft

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    Hi Anita,

    I have only been to Malaga on holiday so I can't judge from the point of view of someone who lives there, but it has a reputation has being a place where a lot of British and German tourists and expats live. This isn't always a bad thing, it depends on your view. That said, the surrounding area is quite pretty and I am sure you will make friends there.

    Bear in mind most language schools hire in September or January.

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    Hi Byrony,

    could you pls. tell what kind of "Trap" Malage is?? I am planing to stay there during winter for a few months
    so do wonder....would like to teach language, yoga etc.

  • Bryony Ashcroft

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    Hey! I moved to Madrid last January without a job or speaking any Spanish (though my boyfriend was Spanish). I would say give it a go, work isn't too hard to come by, especially in the cities, language teaching would be the easiest to find to start with even if you don't have any experience, it's flexible so you can develop your photography in your free-time. There is also a lot of bar/restaurant work, but helps if you know some Spanish. I found the cost of living to be reasonable, even in Madrid, where it can be higher than the rest of the country.

    I have heard Malaga is a bit of a trap for expats, but do some research and find the best place for you. Good luck!

  • Corynn Wilbur

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    why is it such a hole? what is wrong with it?

  • cris Comaschi

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    Hi I live in Malaga I move here from Great Britain. Dont move to Spain! Its a hole.

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