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Do We Want to Live Near Tarragona?

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We have been living in the Valencia region for almost a year and we think we need to move. We homeschool and are not yet fluent in Castellano or Valencian. We are having trouble meeting other families and would like to live where homeschooling is legal and more common. We don't really want to live in a city rather on the beach NEAR a city.



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    For sale in Extremadura,Spain ( between Caceres and Miajadas EX206)
    300 km SW of Madrid ( motorwya A5 Madrid - Badajoz/Sevilla) ( Madrid/Lissabon)
    Finca = 30.000 m2=3ha.
    Small campsite and B&B
    Asking price 375.000 euro.
    Info by phone: 0034 616 219 381

  • Jaime B

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    in taragona you have choice to study in spanish or catalan, and you are not obligatory to live into tarragona city, cause you have small villages near like, la pidena salou cambrils, reus, vilaseca, camplar, torreforta, bonavista...... and its easy to move by bus thbik only cost a Euro una travel

    good luck, you contact me

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    bien, tenemos una casa grande y podeis vivir alli....

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