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Who can help me with advice on Tarragona?? Please???

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I am a little confused about the specific forums, as they seem to all intertwine.... I was hoping to get in touch with some expats living in Tarragona since I am looking into moving there next year. I am still not decided on location (Tarragona or closer to Barcelona?) which is why I hoped to have some exchanges and feedback.

I am a single, 42 year old woman with a 4 year old child. I have lived in many different countries, and am looking to "settle" in or near a small town not far from Barcelona. Hence my thoughts about Tarragona...

Can anyone tell me :

- is there is an active expat community in Tarragona?
- What is it like to live there year around, in terms of social interaction, outings, open mindedness etc?
- Any advice on the quality of schools, both english and spanish? For now my son speaks English but i'm sure in a year or two his Spanish would be fluent.

Lastly, i would like to come visit for a week in October. If you would like to do a house / hospitality exchange with my property in Tangiers, please contact me and we can exchange information etc.

I hope to get some feedback and thank you in advance,



  • Jaime B

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    tarragona i a province, one hour driving or by train from barcelona, is very activ city with univercities and schools of languages.......... ints situated on the medittaean sea, there is living people from difirent countries, africa, asia america......... and very historic city, its has i very big old hood.................... nice city and recomanded.......

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