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looking to move to the Canary Islands

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Hi! So I'm looking to move to the Canary Islands, and wondering what island is best for surfing, nightlife, and jobs. As well as making new friends. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Vladimir Trayanov

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    Hi,can you tell me how are things in Fuerteventura?I am now in Bulgaria,but I want to live and work there.I speak English, little Rusian and now I am starting to learn Spanish.I will work everything!Can you please tell how is the situation with finding work there?
    Thank you

  • jen bishop

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    Hi, Surf on Fuerteventura is ok. Some days rocking and in summer sucks, finding friends is limited but u can find real good friends like every where else. jobwhile here it's the most easiest. Finding work on other islands is way more difficult. What languages do u do? Aloha

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