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What do you like / hate most about the French?

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As a French girl myself, I'm interested in what people from other countries think about us ;)

So: What do you like (or hate) most about French people?

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  • max razbo

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    Every city is so beautiful. I live here and love it.

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    hairy armpits and frogs

  • nandy nath

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    They French have every rights to be proud of their country, It true!!!! the country is beautiful in every point of view....i have no comments about the living individuals...I only see beauty on those around me.

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    I like everything I meet untill now

  • Kayser 22

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    I'm french myself and I speak French (wasn't obvious, was it?) English, and bits of Spanish (German will forgive me)and for english, I studied out of school, I read books (novels,big ones, not winnie the pooh) and watched movies in english versions and now I quite master it (online tests ranked me to C1 level, though I'm 13)So, as in every country in the world,I daresay,most of french people only speak french, but some try, suceed and try to help and put at ease foreigners in France(I hope).And for the "tight rules and manners",like everywhere some people got "a broom in the ass"(french expression)youngsters tend to be more flexible.

    Well,then,goodbye!May the force be with U

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    As a french girl living in a foreign country, I wanted to give you my point of view about the french average.
    Where I live (Hanoi, Vietnam), my french friends and I really enjoy to have cultural and linguistic interactions in english with everyone we meet. I heard a lot of people saying that french people gives you some interest only at the moment you try to speak their language. At first I didn't understand why they would think that way about the french, even if everybody likes to hear foreigners trying to speak your language. But I must admit that when I come back in Paris, I realize everytime that french people are not that warm as I thought, and I do agree with what Dewi wrote, at least, they could try to be nicer even if they can't speak english. I've never saw them as tyrannic and rough in France as they are in Asia though, speaking without any respect with the natives when they do not get what they're saying. So if you don't like that much french people in France, stay calm, some of them are worse elsewhere in the world :D

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    Salut tout le monde Je m'appelle amin je cherche qlq'un pour pratiquer la langue francais avec lui svp me contacter [...]

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    well I somehow love EVERYTHING about france!
    i adore the language and would love to master it as perfectly as possible
    hmmmm and what attracts me most is that elegant aura of everything over there:)))

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    I was born and raised in the U.S. and I have never seen anyone try to speak Spanish with one of the many immigrants here. Americans (not all, I am sure) are often heard saying, "You come to my country, speak my language!" I am sure it is often those people who get upset when French people do not speak English in France.
    I personally love how kind and friendly French people are once you try to make an effort. I got lost in France twice and both times, after I attempted with my really poor French, both people I asked actually escorted me personally to where I needed to go! I find most French are curious about Americans. And it is not because you are foreign that French people seem cold and aloof- they treat each other the same until you get to know them, then they are so kind, fun, warm!! (I know this because I married a Frenchman.)

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    they are enthusiam and energtic ,they are firendly to get on well with

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