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Hello people

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Hi, I've just landed in this pink city a month ago. Moved here from Indonesia to join my husband. Currently looking for friends to hang out with, work out with, to hit the soldes with and a job.
About me : before coming here I worked as a general manager in a family based company that works closely with the Indonesian ministry of tourism to promote indonesian tourism in china, i also ran my own little business of designing&producing uniforms for various companies, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. I speak English, Indonesian (duh being Indonesian I supposed it's obvious), a dialect of Chinese, a bit of mandarin, basic French, I learned polish but sadly due to lack of practice it is being completely replaced by french. And before this "hello" sounds more like a job resume here's a bit of the personal me.
I love animals (brought my 3 kitties all the way here from Jakarta), love working out, books, clothes, shoes and all those girly2 stuff, oh and I love eating so that explains why the 'love working out' bit is really important.
Anyway that's my "hello" for now, drop me a line or two or three and let's hang out sometime :)

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    I am moving to toulouse in 1 month with my husband and 2 years old son and would love to meet international people there!
    I have spent 10 years in the uk and have been used to be with people from all over the world, so would love to find that as well in toulouse! If you are still keen in meeting other english speaking people just let me know!

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    toulouse is a very international city because of the aeronautic industry here,
    it should be quite easy to find contacts here, i hope you will like it

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