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Expats in Kos help needed

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Missing British citizen - urgent help needed!
Attention expats living in Kos
Please help I am looking for a much loved close personal friend who arrived in Kos on Tuesday 1st July 2014. He flew in from Manchester and had been missing in the UK prior to this time & no one has been able to contact him since Sunday night, we are very concerned and desperate for him to get in contact & let us know he's ok.
His name is Louis J Elgar (possibly using name Elgar Parsons) he is 25 years old from Manchester, around 5'11 tall & of slim build. He is a white male with dark hair & a name tattoo across his shoulders.
Please if anyone sees him could they contact me urgently as I am very concerned & am desperate to know he's ok & to see him again.

Thank you

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