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coming to Ireland in March :D

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Hi my name is Dakota....

im thinking about working in Dubllin as an au pair in March for a few months... what is this city like? i always like meeting new people so tell me about your city...


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    Hi Dakota,

    I came to Dublin for 1 month holidays... It's been 3 years and 3 months now :D
    Yes, you're reading correctly I got stuck here and haven't left (I mean I've been back home for hols but not for good), well not yet.

    Dublin's quite small. Well the city centre where most of the stuff is happening. It's quite easy to get around, even though the traffic is nuts.
    But it's a very lively multicultural city. Full of music (well at least I feel it that way) People are quite open and friendly and helpfull. Nights out here are mad.
    There are many things I hate here, there are many things I love. I guess it's like everywhere else. It's got some really pretty spots and I just love the parks. And when the weather is decent everybody is like a different person, very happy and cheerful (not that they would bad when is raining), but in general people here try to get the most out of the good weather as it's not as common here.

    You just have to come and experience for yourself ;-)

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