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some simple advice?!

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Hi everyone!

I'm seriously thinking of moving to Dublin in January. I would be there about 6 months. I was wondering how easy is it to get a room in a house, and a simple job? I've heard it can be very expensive.


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    Hi guys,

    Dan is right, is still the best webpage for accomodation search.
    And even if you have a look at the others, the offers are the same.
    The recesssion has affected the housing a bit. The prices dropped down (well it was about a time!) and the places stay on the market little bit longer, it's not as manic. But it's good to react quickly and go to see more places before you decide, so you'll get an idea. Also make sure WHERE you'll rent out. Every area has something, but there are few I wouldn't recommend at all. And be aware of scums, never send anybody your passport copy and money etc. I know it's sounds silly but someone tried that with us! But we knew the building where the apartment was meant to be and that building's been abandoned for quite some time so we knew something was wrong there.

    If you have any more quitestions, feel free to message me.

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