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    Dear Becky

    Thanks for your ideas. A Class K is, as far as I know only for retired people. Honestly I understand the security situation but the fact that they told me to start a business (capital needed 100,000 USD), in order for me to stay for 6 months, then after 6 month apply for residency is problematic. Also if you apply for a Class K permit you do NOT need a Certificate of good conduct. Whats the difference, in all cases you want to stay.

    In my opinion this requirement is unconstitutional. As per the new constitution, a foreigner married to a Kenyan is entitled to a Residency after 3 years or citizenship after 7 years. In both cases the applicant must stay in the country for at least 6 month in order to get a CID clearance and apply for either. Not accepting my visits in Kenya (totaling 6 months+) is in my opinion violating my rights. Furthermore not to issue a temporary residence permit in order to work and stay legally until a permanent residency can be obtained is in my opinion also not legal.

    In return, if I spend 100,000 and start a business I can just get residency WITHOUT the certificate of good conduct, this point is already giving advantage to people who have money.

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