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International School in Malaysia (Need Help?)

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Looking for the right school for your child? Get reliable school recommendations (from preschool to tertiary education) based on your location, budget, curriculum preferences, and priorities such as language or learning support. Contact us today

You can also find great discounts for enrichment centres/ kids activities at our site.

  • Mohammed Harris

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    While choosing the right school, the parents should make sure that the school is not just bound to the academics but also lays importance towards the extracurricular wing.

    Global Indian International School (GIIS), is one such school that lay emphasis on overall development of child. My child is studying in GIIS Kuala Lumpur and I am completely satisfied with the progress. You can definitely check it out and know more about it before making your final decision. Visit to know more :

  • Se rendre au profil de M Chiu

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    I think a website based on the compilation of all the schools help with comparison! But I also do feel that reading from the source itself would definitely help seeing more value of the education centre itself as they usually get watered down.

    For example, here is good testimonial from an international student that I think would definitely help:

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