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Looking for job and friends

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I'm a 26 years old french girl who just arrived in Utrecht to visit my boyfriend and i'm looking for a job (i have a bachelor in modern literature, and plenty of experience in sales, customer relationships, and waitressing) in the Utrecht area. I speak native french and fluent English.

I'm also looking for some people to hang around with, i'm really found of rock music and everything related to it. I would also love to play roller derby.

Let me know if you hear anything, job, rock concert, cool places to hang out. Thank you all in advance.

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  • Boge peta

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    Hi just to be your friend if it's ok with you

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    you can try to become a mystery shopper.
    after register on you can find something in your area.
    good luck!

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    Hi Lucie
    Amsterdam is Nice place to hang around, regarding job it might take time but if you really want jobs in Hospitality sector. try #
    Gudluck X

  • Levento Efe

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    Hello Lucie,

    My name is Levento, I live in the heart of Eindhoven, but with lots of greenery nature and a beautiful park in front of my house. Though it’s in the centre, it's fairly quiet and peaceful place. The central station, shops, restaurants and bars, are only 5 minutes from the place where I live.
    The reason why I write you is that i'm looking for a care assistant to help me in and outside of my home.

    Because of my physical disability, i'm dependent on other people in daily life, such as eating, drinking, washing, dressing, housekeeping and cooking etc. You don't need any experience or some qualifications to help me. You will learn how it has to be easily by doing it yourself.
    At this moment there are already some people who help me on turn, but one of them will leave soon. When you start, they will show you when you need help.

    My house has a beautiful garden and I also have a car. When I want to go somewhere, some of my family members or one of my friends can drive me anywhere. With my wheelchair I can go into my car.

    You can come with me when I go to the movie or theatre, restaurant, bar or concert, sometimes alone sometimes with some friends. Once a year I go on vacation to another country. I like to know different cultures and see other beautiful places and nature. It’s interesting to talk with the local citizen about how they live and work.
    When you get the job, you can stay at my house if you want, I have extra room.
    Maybe see you soon.

    Warm Regards,


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    salut je suis ravi de votre connaissance je suis kamal de Maroc :)

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