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Friends in zaandam.

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Is there anyone living in zaandam,maybe in that is in the same situation as me.I'm moving to zaandam after living 4 years in amsterdam with my dutchie.I cannot go out to work yet as we have two young daughters,so I am a housewife for a while.I am nearly 35{is that classed as young or old!!??}
I'm not a big partyanimal,But everynow and then I would like to socialise in Zaandam.I really wanna make an effort here as we intend on living in zaandam for a long time.Wasn't a lover of Amsterdam.

  • Christine ESTEBAN

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    Hi Eileen,

    I am living in Zaandam for 7 years now, andI am working in Amsterdam. i have no kids but 2 dutch cats '-)
    Would be nice to meet.

    See you


  • Nikki Wong

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    Hi gal!

    I am planning to move to Zaandam and I will visit 7 houses on the 9th of May!!!

    Currently, i live in Rotterdam but I am working in Weesp (near Amsterdam)

    Do you gals have any opinions for the living area in Zaandam.
    I have searched for few houses, those are really close by the train station.
    Is it a good area?

    Thank you in advance and I hope I can find a house soon.

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    I have reply you in an email

  • eileen whelan

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    Hi Fong,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply,I was in Ireland visiting family.Thanks fro replying to me.I have heard of wormerveer.My partner has a work collegue living in wormeveer.oohhh...I just reread your message you actually live in zaandam and work in wormeveer.Well how do you like zaandam.I am still getting to know the place.
    Have you children?
    Well I will sign off for e-mail is [...]
    Bye for now,

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    I just joined this community website yesterday.

    I am expat working in Wormerveer, about 5km from Zaandam. I have lived in Zaandam for about 1.5 years now.

    If you would like to come out once a while, we can let me know.

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