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    Robert, I am happy to have landed on your query and indeed it is interesting.

    Perhaps one factor is the historical background we have. We were colonized by different countries and therefore we were influenced by them in so many ways.Arabic, Indians, Indonesians, Chinese, Spaniards, Americans, Malays. All of these races have gone to our country before and influenced greatly our values, ways and beliefs. We embraced most of them and accepted what most of us are comfortable.

    I understand that it's really disappointing to experience the inefficiency in the public transportation system (buses, jeepneys & tricylcles). I can't explain why they are inefficient. I hated that fact as well.

    I believe lack of discipline is present in this country. It is indeed unacceptable but some still believe that we just have to be more considerate.

    Thank you for your time.


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