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Please help! I'm broke and stuck in a foreign country.

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Please help me! I’m currently in the Philippines to go on a dream tours for singles event. It’s the first day and on one of our stops, we had brunch at this restaurant where I left my bag with my wallet and phone at our booth while I went to the bathroom. I don’t know if it was the food we ate or something, but my stomach was really upset. When I returned, my group had left without me and my bag was gone! I don’t know if they took it with them or maybe someone else stole it, but the guard said he didn’t notice.

The staff doesn’t speak English very well and they don’t seem to understand the situation I’m in! What should I do? I’m at an “internet cafe” right now, trying to contact my family at home through Messenger and Skype, but I think they’re fast asleep. I don’t have any contact numbers from my group and I only have change in my pocket. Please give me some advice! I don’t know how they handle these types of situations in the Philippines and I’m really starting to panic right now. I don’t even know which city I’m in!

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    I always have seen this type of scenario and I am wondering if this is legit

  • Michael Paghangaan

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    Have yourself get to the US Embassy Manila Roxas blvd in front of Bayview Hotel or at the corner of UN Avenue. You will have all the help you need and it's guaranteed.

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