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    Need Loan Or Valid Investor

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    Dear Mr / Mrs.

    We are a new company from Indonesia which has some project design, project One is the establishment of gas stations, and Developer.

    Projects we have prepared 100% run, we also have to have a very competent team and very prepared. Our team consists of people who have worked for decades in the field.

    But we have a very big problem, namely the problem FUND.

    We have read your website, we think you can help our problems, which is why we contacted you, we hope you are able to provide solutions to our problems, and we hope you are able and willing to resolve our problems and cooperate with us.

    If you are interested in cooperation and help us please contact us at:


    We implore you to cooperate with us. We really hope to get good news from you.

    We are ready to give our project design to you if needed.

    Thank You

    Yours sincerely

    AnD Corp.
    Ardi Firman Sinatrya

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