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Advice for People wanting to live in the U.k.

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Our Present Government has made it progressively difficult for People who live outside of the E.E.C to live in the U.K. At this moment any E.E.C Member National may live and work in England,Scotland & Wales can live in the U.K but if we leave the European Union then this will change,and noone knows what the new arrangement will be.
However it is still very difficult for non EEC Members to work in this Country. The Government made it very clear with their legislation that they had to allow in Europeans,but this left very few opportunities for others.
There are basically only two easier options if you dont have family living here,and they are.
1. Students Visa.
2. Entrepreneurs Visa.
Our Company are sponsoring the Entrepreneurs Visa,to assist Refugee Business owners who are escaping from the Middle Eastern Crisis. (Details from our website)

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