5-day Intensive With Chuck Miller In Chamonix

5-day Intensive With Chuck Miller In Chamonix

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Mauna Ashtanga Yoga

1207 Route des Pelerins, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, 74400, France Plan

Morning Practice: We will start as close to the beginning as we can, without getting stuck or paralyzed! Each day starts slowly as we move together through a Led Class. Beginners will find ways in the instructions to adjust and to take the time needed to be safe and continue on a steady pace. More experienced students will improve by clearing dysfunctional patterns, finding profound subtleties of the practice, and creating a smoother, faster advancement with less injury! Chuck will help us all recognize the voices of Mara, Maya, illusion, and distraction as we work towards clarity and freedom.
Afternoon Sessions: Our afternoons will include a practice session, a period of Q&A and a clinic where we can go into detail with any challenges or difficulties that reveal themselves as we go along. There will be ample time for questions and to dive into particular subtleties of the practice, including how we use our spines in forward bends, backbends, and twists; bringing light to the dark places by breathing into the back body; protecting our shoulders; measuring our progress by the quality of our effort rather than illusory apparent "results"; and doing partner work to help each other learn, especially in the areas we cannot see ourselves. We can learn to trust ourselves and we can help each other!

Category: Community | Religion and Spirituality | Meditation and Yoga


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