Meditate Heal Relax Retreat

Meditate Heal Relax Retreat

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Al Kasbah, Tangier, Morocco Plan

Fly three hours East of the UK and allow the heart, mind and body to bask in the magical adventure that is found in the Kingdom of Morocco. As one’s feet touches this ancient land of mystery and wonder, the natural wild beauty of the mountains, forrest, golden beaches and vast ocean, simply enchant the senses.

To meditate and breathe in the energetic vibration of this rich earth will heighten the experience of healing and relaxation.

AwakeConBal Lifestyle invite you to join us in a calm and centring experience focused on restorative and self awakening hatha yoga, deep wisdom meditation and holistic healing exercises. The retreat's program will help the mind and emotions to release any stress, pressure, suppressed stagnate energies, while aiding to heal and balance attitude, perception and lifestyle choices.

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Long Weekend 21st-25th Sept: GBP 410.23
Friday To Friday 21st-28th Sept: GBP 717.46
Tuesday To Friday 25th - 28th Sept: GBP 307.82
Long Weekend 28th Sept - 2nd Oct: GBP 410.23
Friday To Friday 28th Sept.- 5th Oct: GBP 717.46
Tuesday To Friday 2nd-5th Oct: GBP 307.82
Thursday To Tuesday 20th-25th Sept: GBP 512.64
Thursday To Tuesday 27th Sept-2nd Oct: GBP 512.64
Friday To Monday 21st Sept - 1st Oct: GBP 1024.69
Friday To Monday 28th Sept - 8th Oct: GBP 1024.69
Long Weekend 5th-9th Oct: GBP 410.23
Friday To Thursday 5th-11th Oct: GBP 615.05
Monday To Thursday 8th-11th Oct: GBP 307.82
Thursday To Tuesday 4th-9th Oct: GBP 512.64
Two Weeks 19th Sept-3rd Oct: GBP 1434.33
Two Weeks 26th Sept - 10th Oct: GBP 1434.33



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