Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

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Frankfurt, Germany Plan

Find out how robotization will transform and disrupt service delivery, enhance customer experience by streamlined processes and cost savings up to 70%

Simplify your backbone ERP – diminish costs and reduce risks in manual processing by capitalising on the controls offered through smart robotic components that drive software and reach into the user’s interface

Transform your back office from transactional to value-add organization by becoming an RPA thought leader and knowledge partner internally and change your profile by adding more valuable work

Category: Conferences

Bronze (2 days): EUR 2699
Silver (2 days + 1 workshops): EUR 3199
Gold (2 days + 2 workshops): EUR 3499

Speakers: Dirk Bellefontaine, Solutions General & Internal Accounting, Bayer Business Services GmbH; Chris Reardon, Director – GBS(RRS), EMC Corporation; Theo de Haas, Enterprise Information Director, DSM Business Services; Cynthia Creamer, Senior Robotic Automation Designer, Swiss Re

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