Zonk.disco 8th Anniversary - Rooftop Sunset Session at The Clf Art Lounge, Peckham - Free Entry


The CLF Art Lounge and Roof Garden

4a Station Way, London, England, SE15 4RX, United Kingdom Plan

TIME TO GET YOUR ZONK ON! Sun Sep 20 - A whole year on from their celebrations with the legendary Wally Badarou at The CLF Art Cafe, Zonk.Disco returns to celebrate another loop around the (Disco)ball of fire with a rooftop sunset listening excursion at The CLF Art Lounge in Peckham.

They'll be joined by South London selectors SVELTE to deliver a Balearic Sunday cruise through Disco music old and new, with a cheeky pinch of related music including funked up Soul, 80s Boogie, Electro, Hip-hop and uplifting House for good measure.

The Lounge offers a great place to kick back, and take in the sunset whilst getting your food and drink on, serving up craft cocktails and an authentic Jerk BBQ rolling through the day and night. It's also fully weather-proofed in the event the British Summer takes a turn!


Zonk Disco:

Established in 2012 as a collaborative event to celebrate Disco music old and new between South-London promoter Martin Sage and CLF Art Cafe Director + South London Soul Train head honcho Mickey Smith.

At Zonk.Disco we love the original disco sound, originating from New York nightclubs in the 70s, long playing, sexy funk ballads, and then where it went next with the introduction of synths and electronics, and the 80s electro/freestyle sound.

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Free Entry: GBP 0.00

Artists: Svelte

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Music

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