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A propos de moi

Dorota ...
 Dorota ...
A propos de moi:
I am quite warm person, even if seen as strong. I work in Poland as a high school English teacher. I also have some experience at tourism and office work. I speak Russian too, have University diploma for both languages. My native language is Polish. And I am learning Italian..I am open to opportunities of working abroad.
English, Polish, Russian, Italian
Amis, Rencontres, Contacts professionnels
Bahrain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Campania, Naples, Dubai, World


Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Dancing, Swimming, racing cars, (Formula1, GP 2)
Films préférés:
"Neverending Story"
Livres préférés:
"Miserables" by Victor Hugo
Situation familiale:


Domaine de travail:
Education, tourism
English teacher, tourist guide, office
Carrière précédente:
I work as a teacher, international project coordinator, and during my holidays I work for travel agency. I also have some experience at office job, translations.. So.. I work all year long..


  • mego maldives
     mego maldives

    why don't you chose Maldives? I have many resorts and hotels in Maldives.

  • ehsan ehsani
     ehsan ehsani

    hi how are you honey?i hope that you accept my offer and let to know each other more and would be my pleasure to start a serious and long term relation with you
    with lots of love

  • Ahmed Badawy
     Ahmed Badawy

    I need to talk to a friend

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    I wish..a HAPPY EASTER to my Friends who celebrate Easter:) And a HAPPY WEEKEND to my Friends who do not celebrate it:) Be happy, be well.

  • Juan Ubide Barreda
     Juan Ubide Barreda

    BUon Natale per te Dorota.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To All..
    Tanti Auguri:)

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    I am in Poland again..hope to be here more often then..Again:) And thank you to All who sent me birthday wishes..They are wonderful:)
    I send you my best greetings and lots of kisses..Thank you...

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    To All my Friends,
    Please, forgive me that I am not able to answer you immediately, I was travelling a bit, and now I am leaving again, for some weeks. I don't have the internet access quite often during my trips. Kisses to All:) And see you soon..I hope.

  • James .
     James .

    Thanks for adding me

  • James .
     James .

    How are you? Well I m Jay from Dubai. My pleasure to be ur friend. Please reply if u like to be friend by the way your profile is amazing.. i like it

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Tanti baci ed abbacci:)
    Auguri di Buona Pasqua per i miei Amici:)

    Lots of kisses and hugs:)
    I wish a Happy Easter weekend to All my Friends:)

  • Andrea Martella
     Andrea Martella

    Nice to meet you!.. so.. do you want to speak italian?... I could help you if you want.. I instead need to learn english.. if I'll need somethings could I take in account your availability?.. thank you very much!!

  • Dany Daniel
     Dany Daniel

    hi dorota,i also work in tourism,i use to do one time every year as a guide in morocco(agadir),and irent rooms,aparts,houses in the same area,so apart this i like to know new persons from everiwhere and talk together,i can send you some photos from south morocco if you like,bye,have a nice sunday.

  • Lankan Devil
     Lankan Devil

    YOu are the perfect MILF! (that would be a compliment!)

  • Rek B
     Rek B

    Hi Dorota, it will be great to hang up !

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Happy New Year :)
    All the Best..May it bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness.
    May Your Dreams come true...

    And mine too.

  • Daniel J Potaracke
     Daniel J Potaracke

    Happy New Year to all especially Dorota who is out on a date this evening.
    If not, there are lots of blind Polish men in Gdansk! Daniel

  •  Davide Tice

    Salute della California.
    Ciao Dorota. I can help you learn Italian.
    I teach Italian to adults in California.
    I also teach Spanish and taught English
    to adults per molti anni.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    To Whom it May Concern..
    I wish You and Your Families a Merry, Merry Christmas..
    May Your Days be Merry and Bright..

    And to All of You..
    May New, 2009 Year bring You Health, Wealth and Happiness.
    All the Best.


  • eddie ramírez m.
     eddie ramírez m.

    hi dorota. I just call to say hellooooo from spain and Colombia.
    kisses. eddie.



  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Just to say thank you to All of You..I received so many birthday wishes, it is so kind of you, so nice..

    Thank you for you - for who you are,
    However far away..
    And for the words you send to me.
    Your warmth and care are not to forget.
    And they will never be.

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Thank you Santino..
    Here's no way to go to the beach now, the weather became too cold..
    I send you my warmest greetings from not so warm Poland..

  • Dorota ...
     Dorota ...

    Hi to All:)
    With greetings from Poland!