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Proof of locally customary accommodation

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I'm in the middle of the process to obtain my red white red card and one of the requirements states:

"You have to provide evidence of a legal title to locally customary accommodation (e.g. by providing a lease contract)

Please note :An accommodation free of charge, which can be revoked at any time without a notice period, does not meet this requirement, since no legal title to accommodation is constituted."

I wonder if it can only be a leasing contract, or for example I can find an apartment in and sign some kind of agreement with the landlord.

Also what kind of strategy have you done for this requirement ?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Andrew,

    If you have a contract showing name and surname (of both parties), address, move in and move out dates, and proof of payment, it should be acceptable. The HousingAnywhere booking confirmation invoice represents a valuable proof of accommodation and this applies to the whole of the Schengen area!

    We hope that helps!

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