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Just Landed - Feedback, Suggestions and Bugs

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Help us improve the Just Landed Community! We're looking for feedback, critizism or suggestions for future enhancements.

If you find any bugs or things that seem to wrong, please post them in this discussion as well. When posting a bug (problem), please tell us which browser you're using.

Please post your feedback in English so other community members can understand it as well. Thanks!

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  • Volker Bohmer


    פורסם על ידי  Volker Bohmer ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Hi Daniel,
    ein Papierkorb für Messages wäre nicht schlecht. Man kann sich leicht zwischen Archiv und Löschen verklicken und es gibt nach der Dropdown Box keine Sicherheitsabfrage. Alternativ kann bei Auswahl von Löschen gefragt werden, ob wirklich gelöscht werden soll oder nach der Auswahl von Archiv/Löschen die Aktion erst ausgeführt werden, wenn ein (neuer) Button gedrückt wird.

  • פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Hi Aaron, you can change between your communities by clicking on the little icon to the right of the "change"-link in the location of the header. In the dropdown you get, you can also set your home community to which you will be automatically taken after your login.

    To join additional communities, you need to click directly on the "change" button after the location.

    You currently automatically get assigned to the communities of the person that invited you. However, we already heard from other users that this is not optimal in many cases - so we will change the process.

    @Klemens: The reason we didn't directly link the links is because many spammers try to use forums for search engine optimization. However we will rediscuss this and see if we can find another solution.

    Thanks to everybody and keep the feedback going - this is really helping us to improve our application!

  • Aaron Imperiale

    פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Dr. Dan: I am a part of the "German" and "World" forums; this is OK, but I do not know how that happened. Should I not also be a part of the "US" or "Washington" communities...??

  • פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Thanks for the feedback Olivia!

    We could easily put the "look around" in the options. However, the reason we put in the option is to later put up a filter option in the people search (so you can for example only search for people who are interested in business contacts). "Just look around" however is not something very specific.

    On the other hand, the options for what you are on Just Landed for are optional, so we thought that somebody who doesn't look for anything specific would simply click nothing (which make clear he's just looking around ;o).

    This is always a hard decision: Of course we want to give people all options they need, but at the same time we don't want to put up too many options as this makes the forms bigger and harder to understand (which is why we spend hours debating each field ;o)

    Anyone else got any opionion on this?

    The "favorite" has probably something to do with the majority of the British compared to the US-Americans at our office, but we will check on this ;o)

    To Claudia: The name search is a good idea and has been added on our list of things to implement, thanks!

  • Olivia Coliz

    פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Congrats for the site, I think it is a great idea!! One suggestion would be to put just to look aroung beside friends, dating, bussiness contacts . And another thing is that "favorite" was spelled wrong a couple of times where you filled out your profile. :)
    Te deseo mucha suerte con este proyecto y por fa dile a Itzelita que le hablo en la tarde.
    Olivia :)

  • Claudia Terino

    פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    but when there are more people here I think I will want to search by their names

  • Finding people

    פורסם על ידי משתמש בוטל ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    Hi Anne! Thanks for your feedback. We'll look if we can find a way to improve this.

  • Anne Sredzki

    פורסם על ידי  ב-  כדור הארץ פורום 

    First of all, congratulations to the new site! You really did a good job on this one.

    One suggestion though: Can't you make it easier to find all the people in your community? If finally figured out that I have to go to friends to see them, but it's not so obvious.

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