Esqueda Ashley

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Esqueda Ashley
 Esqueda Ashley
מי אני:
Am a humble and good person and I don't lie.I really love the country Oman and I wish to be there.Allah bless the country and everyone living there
לחיות ב:
United States
English, Arabic, Spanish
חברים, היכרות, קשרים עסקיים
33 שנים
Oman, United States


תחומי עניין:
Art, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Drama-Plays/Musicals, Movies/Videos, Music, Politics, Travel/Sightseeing, Basketball, Pool/Snooker, Football, Football (American), Swimming, Skating
מוזיקה מועדפת:
America music
סרטים מועדפים:
america movies
ספרים מועדפים:
48 laws of power
דברים שאני אוהב/ת:
I love playing with my friends and playing video games and I like meeting new friends,I love my Mohammed SAW,I love Islam and I love Arab country and I wish I was born there
דברים שאני שונא/ת:
I hate insult and am respectful and I hate liers and fake people
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  • Esqueda Ashley
     Esqueda Ashley

    Am looking to meet new friends and also I need job,I need sponcer please help me