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Recommend an estate agent.

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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help me. My family have a large villia buy the sea about 15 mins from larnaca airport.

We would like to sell it, now the children have grown up and are no longer regularly coming to visit it as a family.

Can anyone recommend a good estate agent to assist with the sale,valuation etc. my experience so far with the estate agents I have met here, has left me with the sense that they are not go fetters, and it sometimes feels i will have to find a buy myself!

Also if anyone can provide me with general comments on the cyprus property market ie seller r buyer market edt that would be helpful. The property itself is a large five bedroom villa one row back from the beach finished to a high standard, it's been lived i. For about 15 years so is a family home as much as a holiday home.

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