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Swiss Alpine Center ! Please do not study there!!

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My name is Ekaterina Andreeva. I would like to inform of you of the unprofessional and immoral business practices of Alpine Center and personally of Eric Hofmann and Sybil Hofmann. In 2016, I enrolled as a student in Alpine Center and we signed a contract. I made an advance payment of 7,500 Euro. Due to the Alpine Center failing to submit proper legal documents in time and incorrect consultations from an Alpine Center employee I failed to receive my Greek visa on time. I was thus unable to take part in my enrolled courses. The rules of Alpine Center, the contract we signed and the law all state that I would need to be refunded the full amount. For an entire year, Mr. Eric Hoffmann and Mrs. Sybil Hoffmann have proposed refund dates and failed to meet each and every one of them .
As of today, I have received only 300 Euro of the promised 7,500 Euro .

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