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We are able to provide high quality services in Holiday Rentals and we also gives you travel guide in whole of Italy.So you can visit our website and find the best rental place for your vacations.

  • Idite na profil od Tabeer Tours

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    Italy is rich with natural beauty and its a heart of europe. For the accomodation there are several options available.

    Bed and Breakfast and Local hostels. Its cheap like 15 euro per night. Cheaper then that is social networking and get the local who is ready to host you socially.

  • Idite na profil od Caroline Avagyan

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    hello everyone ,., wanna go and travel all over the world .

  • Carolina Zepeda de Longo

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    My 19 year old son wil be travelling to Torino or Milan , depending where he decides to take cooking lessons .
    I am wondering if there are people looking for a roomate . he will only be staying in Italy from March to july in a cooking course .
    he doesnt speak Italian but fluent in spanish and English. a little french.

  • cri job

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    I don't want posh resorts, i need something that makes me feel in italy, do you understand ?

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