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Relocating to Milan

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I am moving to Milan , looking for friends to practice my Italian, I am a kindergarten teacher looking for a job in Milan or Turin.
Hope you can advice.

Many Thanks.

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    Hello Ruth, I'm a good English speaking too, looking for friends as well, and would improve my Italian language as well, meeting once a week friends who speak very good Italian, feel free to contact me if you would join us.
    cheers from Milan

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

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  • Idite na profil od Ruth JJ

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    Hi Denis hope this note finds you well.
    Many thanks for the advice, really appreciated.
    I am going to do that.
    Kind regards.

  • Decio Denis Bernardo

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    try to find a team to play sport and with the Italians it's easy to improve the Italian language, we're famous to speak only in Italian. Search for "CUS Milano".

    in the meantime try with (i'm registered and with frech it's so helpful).

    accomodation: search on the wall in the universities..Piola, Bicocca, Bovisa.

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