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How cosmopolitan is Lebanon?

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I recently met a guy from Lebanon, who was telling so many interesting stories about life in Lebanon. I was wondering, is it true that especially beirut is very cosmopolitan and pro-western city? How is the life in Lebanon for Europeans - is it hard to get used to it compared to european standards?

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    I was married to muslim guy and I have nothing against islam,is not that I want to say.
    The night clubs everywhere is nice,I love them in Egypt ,in Turkey,and in many other places.
    I have told,what I have told not about what I have see in news.I have said that 5000 ukrainian ladies are married and live in Lebanon,mostly in Beirut,and also my 2 cousine.
    And from time to time when it happend troubles from the israel side,they always take the kids and move for the several time to Ukraine.
    last time some years ago the apprtment of the both was distroy with bomb,and they wish to leave the Beirut,but was not possible.And just because that its a lot of UN soldiers from Ukraine work in Lebanon(also the son of my sister now over there),the military give the own plane,military one,and more as 150 ukrainian woman with kids can come to Ukraine,of cource later thry go back.
    Its was just facts,beleive me,nothing else.
    In another point,beirut is the nice place,of cource,I have a lot of friends over there.
    Also one small point,you can see the tradition in lebanon from the side of man,and from the side of european lady it can be bit different.

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    well... first of all im a lebanese living between europe and the gulf, i lived in more than 15 counties , in my own believe and not because im lebanese, beirut is one of the most beautifull places to visit, i can never find a night club or pub or even resturant or beatifull weather same like beirut's one, besides the people are so gentle and so kind. it has nothing to do with the MUSLIMS my dear, for your informations the current lebanese population in lebanon is 3,500,000 arround 2,000,000 christians are living there with the muslims ,the only problem is as u said from time to time israel try to attack from palestine side,which has nothing to do with beirut, and eventually it is up to you but not all what your seeing on the news is the truth..Im sure u would be totally shocked when u will visit lebanon, i came a couple of weeks now and im enjoying every moment more thn im enjoying in berlin or lille or milan or any other european country ... i still like them , but vacation wise, beirut is my best place :) you are most welcome and you will see
    good luck and my best Regards

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    I know that is many ukrainian woman married lives in Beirut,arround 5000,but from time to time they have to run away to Ukraine,as soon as the Israel start to send the military fly with some bomb on Beirut.If its no war conflict,Beirut is nice plave to be there,but anyway you will never forget a muslim traditions over there.

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