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Hello everyone:) I just registered and I need to get some opinions about Lebanon. My story is that maybe I will have to move to Lebanon but the bad thing is that I don't know neither Arabic, nor French and I need to know if with my English I can find some job. I finished my school for Hairstylist before a month and it would be really great if I can find work in that sphere there. Not as a professional hairstylist but as an assistant. Although I think it'll be hard only with English, still I wait for your opinions about that. I also need to know about the standard of living there (because as I know it's really high), about the rentals of a home, the people there and anything else. And please I don't need only praises about the country but the disadvantages too (for example the war that can break out anytime:D) I don't care if it's from native Lebanese people or people who moved to live there I need to get REAL opinions about the place:)

Thanks in advance;)

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    Hello, I am Lebanese, so I will try to tell you about things asmuch as I can.

    First of all.. It depends on where you want to stay.. If it is in Beirut.. Byblos.. Jouniyeh ..Kaslik ( The cities that is) Then you won't have a problem with English because most people in here so speak it, nd understand it. Maybe a lot won't be fluent in it - But they will be able to understand you. And if you say that you want to work as a hairstylist, you won't have much to talk about with them..
    From my own experience I know that people in here manage themselves to communicate with others even when they do not know very well the language.

    Now for the job - It is all based on luck.. Because there are a lot of hairstylists in here.. But since you come from abroad you might have a big chance to get into that business ( Since that in here they like foreigners lol). Do you have experience? Do you have a portfolio or pictures of hairstyles that you made/help made..etc?
    Mind you - I don't know much about it.. But things like that can help you out when trying to apply to one in here.
    I can't promise you , because of how busy my life is.. But I will do my bbest to get you names of hairstylists.. Do you know exactly where you want to stay?

    As far as the living.. also it depends on where you want to stay. Say if you want to move to Ashrafiyeh.. then yes the rentals and living is quite high. But if you want to live in a more modest place then I'm sure you can get by.. You have all different sorts of things, so you can just adjust yourself.. depending on how much you will be payed. Sadly though sometimes the payments are not that great.. But then again.. depends on where you are working .

    About the war.. Hm.. I wouldnt be able to say anything regarding to that. However.. You better live in a safe area.. and not on the borders or places like Tripoli and such.
    I live in Byblos/Jbeil and we never had anything bad going on. It is safe here so far. So you need to find a safe area to live in, but believe me, we don't have wars as much as you think we do. It is a pretty safe place.. of course you never know when things might change like it did several years ago .. But .. that's all i can say .

    Anything else, please let me know


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