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Why is sek international school 4x cheaper than aisb?

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I am researching where to send my son to school and am wondering why is sek international 4x cheaper than aisb?

Aisb is 20k while sek is 5k?

Thanks in advance

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    We have two kids at AISB.

    When we searched for a school for the elder boy, we have visited many schools. Hungarian state schools, the British schools, SEK, Lauder, etc. Then we started talking with parents, and when we could, we talked with students.

    Then we chose AISB. I think this is my best investment in my life.

    Especially in SEK, we couldn't find a parent who was happy with the school. In AISB we couldn't find a parent who was not happy with the school.

    The problem is, you can not test the school for a couple of years, then say, "Oh no, the other would have been the right choice, let's start at the beginning at another school." You have to choose one, and if you chose wrong you lost those years, and the damage happened. When you make a choice between two cars, you compare and think about if it worth the extra price or you choose another one. But this strategy won't apply for a one-time decision in your children's life. If you have to decide about a life-saving operation for your kid, would you start to think like "hmmm.. this hospital is four times cheaper. Probably not so good, but I don't think the difference worth the four times higher price." - I am sure in this case if you can pay for the best, you want the best.

    I don't think the example is too far from a school decision. A school is a long time operation on the kid. Schools can hurt a lot or a little. I want the school for my children which hurts the least.

    If you can pay for the AISB, choose the best for your kid.

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    I think at Aisb they are a bit scrooge

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