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American girl wanting to work overseas and make new friends

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Hello all

I have a desire to work overseas. I just have not found the right opportunity yet. I love the Middle East and hope to one day live there. But I am open for other opportunities overseas. My background is in the administrative support field. Any advise would be great. I would love to make new friends too. I have alot of International travel experience and am a fun and adventurous gal.


  • U D Nathan

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    Do you like to come to Qatar and good and they pay well... it depend on ur profession.

  • ifee k

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    hello u can add me yahoo pls i want talk too u if u like me

  • Idite na profil od Jennifer H

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    It is unfortunate that countries like Uganda are in that situation. I have always want to go to Africa either for visit or volunteer work.

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    thanks for yr concerns about working Overseas, the major challenge is Highest rate of unemployment especially in LDCs like Uganda. however if you want to invest say in production, Real Estates,farming etc. I highly support you, because of the value of your currencies, secondly tax holiday or advantage and finally cheap labor, please try yr luck,
    Looking forward towards reading from you soon,


  • Idite na profil od Jennifer H

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    Nice to meet you

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    so nice to see you join this website.

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