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Hi Atif,

Computer and phone business is really big and still getting bigger in Nigeria. Nigerians are especially crazy with new innovations in these areas and i agree with you it worth investing in. But there's a caution in international business, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. You have to be careful in dealing with people that you have not seen face to face, at least to reduce risk. Websites and email IDs may be a good way to start your contact but before you commit yourself to any business, it is better to meet the contact one on one and take time to travel to Nigeria to access situation by yourself if it will worth it. The truth is Nigeria is a big market for this business. I am a Nigerian but presently in Europe. I could have offered to meet with you but our present locations are far from each other. I can link you with someone if you are interested BUT you will still need to travel to Nigeria later may be by first quarter of next year to see things by yourself before investment. You can use this last quarter of the year to do your research on investment opportunities. I hope you find this advice useful. You are free to contact me if you like.

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    Hello,i think i can help here ????? a Nigerian,graduated from the best university in london ????d???????
    I stay in nigeria,this is my email add [...] for further info

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    My name is miss Awa any way i came across your profile on site and i love it so much.Here is my email address you can email [ [...] ]me with the above id then i will send you my picture and also tell you more about my self
    have a nice day

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