Concert Rio Americano High School bands


Artane School of Music

St David's Park, Artane, Beaumont, Dublin, 0000 Map

Youth bands in concert: Rio Americano & Artane Senior Band & NYOI

Concert Band and Jazz Band: Rio Americano High School (USA)
Artane Senior Band
Members of the NYOI

This concert introduces you to the delights of the Jazz Band and Concert Band of Rio Americano High School from Sacramento, California during this, their very first Irish visit.

Joining Rio Americano High for this special concert is the Artane Senior Band.

The Artane Senior Band was formed in 1988 to provide opportunities for past members of the Artane Boys Band to meet and continue to play together in a formal capacity. The Artane Senior Band rehearses every Tuesday night and regularly plays at concerts, festivals and events all over the country. The band sees graduates of the Artane School of Music among its members and is firmly established as a premier concert and marching band of the highest calibre.

Also joining in this concert are members from the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland (NYOI). They will participate in some joint pieces together with the Rio Americano ensembles .

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Artists / Speakers: Rio Americano High School, Artane Senior Band , National Youth Orchestra Ireland.

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