Dj Missy Jay Announces Tour in Korinthos, Samos and Kos Island


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PopCorn Club

Samos, Samos Prefecture Map

DJ Missy Jay has earned a reputation around the world for her energetic beats and tracks filled with positive energy. She’ll soon be bringing her unique brand of optimism and dance music to Greece. During the tour, the world-famous DJ will perform at Korinthos, Samos and Kos Island.

“I’ll be visiting Kos Island at Heaven Club, then travel to Korinthos to gig in a pre-party at Chill Out, and then the main DJ set at Liquid Club to finish the tour in Samos at the PopCorn Club,” said Missy Jay. “This tour is going to be good fun and I will have to work out hard to burn all the extra calories from all the magnificent Greek food I’ll consume!”

The Djane is one of the Top 10 Female DJs in the world and known for her advanced technical skills, remixes and dynamic performances featuring sampling live, hot cues, scratching and on-the-fly improvisations. Matrix magazine named her the “Best Italian Female DJ” and “Best European Female DJ of the Year” in France.

Missy Jay is a frequent world-wide traveler, laying down her signature beats and tracks at exclusive clubs, festivals and shows. Her unique skills and popularity have earned her invitations to play at venues in Doha in Qatar; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and the Bora Bora Beach Club and Privilege in Ibiza. She’s performed at the O2 Arena in London; the Café del Mar in Brazil; and in the U.S. North Africa, Egypt and Spain.

When she’s not performing, she still finds time for interviews for EDM blogs and magazines that include Tillate and Matrix. Her Jayland radio show is distributed worldwide on FM stations in Canada, the U.S., Japan, Chili and Spain.

“Greece! Moussaka, here I come!” said Missy Jay. “I just love my job so much. I am travelling here and there - so happy! I am so blessed to know such beautiful people all around the world who take care of me so much! One of those is my rep in Greece, Billy. We always eat in fine typical restaurants and drink our fav, freddo. So yeah, I can’t wait to get there again!”

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