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An interactive Growth Hacking Workshop teaching a data-driven process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective ways to grow a business.

Tired of traditional high-cost and low-return marketing strategies? Conventional marketing techniques are simply not good enough anymore.

Be the first in your industry to implement proven growth hacking principles used in Silicon Valley and set up your organization for sustainable growth.

Who is it for?

What will you get out of it?
> Learn the skills of the future and get ahead of the competition
> Learn our 7 Pillar Growth Hacking Model and focus on metrics that matter
> Apply growth hacking tools and techniques to your own organization with our hands-on exercises

7 Pillar Growth Hacking Model:
1. Mindset
Embrace the growth and systems mindset. A simple shift in your mindset can give your organization an enormous business advantage over your competitors.

2. Team
Build a growth hacking team within your organization. A depth of knowledge specializing in one or two key areas and breadth of knowledge covering a wide array of skills.

3. Measurement
Use the correct software and techniques to precisely measure data through your sales funnel. Get accurate data on your ROI and actionable insights to increase your revenue.

4. Listen to your market
Listen carefully to your target market. Use psychological principles to know your audience better than they know themselves!

5. Product/ market fit
Constantly experiment and iterate, tailor your product to your customers' needs. Build products your customers cannot live without!

6. Traction channels
Discover 19 traction channels to grow your business and increase your revenue. Identify the ones that best reach your target market and exploit them maximally!

7. Optimization
Develop hypotheses and constantly optimize through A/B testing and creative experimentation. The key to growth

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