How To Build a Website With Html and Css


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In this full-day training you will learn the complete process of building website with HTML and CSS. This includes how to prepare the website structure and resources, design the website layout, do actual coding, publish the website on your domain, test on mobile and even add some SEO.


Planning: We will teach you how to define what exactly we are trying to build. We will “mock” interview with a customer, create information resource pack for use to work with and also create website map.

Design: Because the focus of the course is on development and not graphic design, we'll take shortcuts to come up with an attractive look (eg. we won’t use photoshop). We'll focus on creating an attractive layout for our site and showcase how to think about our website as a set of components. As a bonus we will briefly cover design concepts such as color schemes, typography and grid.

Coding with HTML/CSS: This will be our core module. We will teach you how to make sense of HTML tags and CSS properties. We will give you smooth introduction into fundamental concepts such as DOM-Tree, HTML layouts, CSS classes, CSS selectors, etc. We will also cover what a “responsive website” really means and show techniques to make site responsive.

Publishing and marketing: We'll explain the different hosting options, how to buy a domain name and how to do SEO so that your audience can find you on Google.


Whether you’re aspiring to become a developer, need to upgrade your understanding of the Web for your current role, or building a startup, you will benefit from understanding fundamentals of website development.

Don’t worry about complexity, the course is intended for complete beginners! You only need to bring your enthusiasm and curiosity (and your laptop!).

Category: Classes / Courses | Professional Training.

Price: General Admission - EUR 9.00.

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