Live at Leopold Square: Jack T Harper and Acoustic Angels


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Leopold Square

Sheffield, England, S1 2JG, United Kingdom Map

Saturday 3rd September - 2pm to 4.30pm - Jack T Harper
A true blues brother of Sheffield, Jack has risen to notoriety in recent years, honing his craft at jam sessions and gigs throughout the country. Singing with true blues intensity and switching from guitar to mouth harp and clarinet seamlessly, Jack has a band of local legends and will always look and sound the part.

Sunday 4th September - 2pm to 4.30pm - Acoustic Angels
Those who know the Sheffield music scene know this band need no introduction. The stalwarts of the scene, masters of their craft and fillers of many a dance floor, the Angels twist soul and Motown classics with acoustic guitars, sax and violin, making the songs their own.

Category: Live Music | Gig

Artists: Jack T Harper, Acoustic Angels

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