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Roma Fiumicino MTB, Roma, RM, Italy Map

On 9 April, at 12.00, a visual and sound work by Francesca Fini dedicated to the Italian quarantined squares will be streamed live on Facebook.

Digital performance for webcam and synthesizer
by Francesca Fini

*** Thursday 9 April 2020, 12.00 pm ***
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in collaboration with:
United Video Artists, Performance Art TV, Culture Monks

The Italian *piazzas* are framed by a webcam system that broadcasts online the flow of their chaotic daily life. A cold, indifferent look, in the sun or in the rain, which does not change in the midst of changes. Those squares are now deserted, while life in quarantine is hidden invisibly inside the houses, inside the silent buildings that harmoniously surround them. The webcams today collect the testimony of a surreal event. Daily life, once feverish, has become a fleeting and ephemeral circumstance: the squares are manned by police vans, enlivened by the flight of a seagull, by a flag in the wind, by a runner's bicycle, by a couple wearing masks while walking the dog. In the silent void, these short passing lives, these solitary adventures of the confined city, are narrative elements of a dystopian and cinematic story, which the artist spies and pursues avidly, as if she was at the window of one of those buildings. Through motion tracking technology, Francesca Fini steals the webcam feed and transmits it to a software, specially compiled for this project, which records and visually tracks the movement of people, vehicles, and animals, turning the data flow of into a concert for synthesizer: movements generate sounds, sound modulations, graphic visualizations, digital effects.
Finally, the artist returns everything to the network, through live streaming on Facebook, in a creative ring of real-time manipulations and interpretations.

On Thursday April 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm (ends 1:00 pm)


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